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Welcome to the Leon Historical Society


Our Local War Hero's that Served for Our Country


 This was the first Honor Roll sign in 1943 . On the home of Betty and Carman Lyons,now.



We are adding Korean War, and Vietnam War, and served military from Leon.There are around 70 more names and will be put next to the first sign. Our sign are design by Kevin Bailey from South Dayton.  He was from Leon.


Men who served in Korean War

Russell Moore                                    Merle Prince

Kenneth Grover                                  Merton Prince

Elliott Ellis, Jr.                                      Junius Stoddard

Elton Merchant                                    Roger Milliman

William Elliott                                       Richard Besse

Raymond Hill                                        Eugene Blair

Clyde Blair                                           Donald Stefanick

August Szymanski                               David McKay

Donald Winship                                   Burdett Bromley

Claude (Peewee) Hallett                     Harold Milliman

Nelson Palmer                                      James Moore

Howard Merchant/Germany                  Leo Dorman/Army


Men who served in Vietnam

 Kenneth Burnside                             Melvin Cullen

Dale Synder                                        Robert Gross

Clarence (Jake) Kelly                          Perry Milliman (Career in Marines)

Gregory Hallett                                   Richard Cleveland

Elwin Green


Men who served in Military

 Archie Beckman                            Calvin Stoddard

Gaylord Milliman                            Elvira Stoddard

Gerald Milliman                              Vera Stoddard

Merle Milliman                                Lenora Stoddard

Willard Milliman                              Elma Stoddard

Bernard Milliman                            Ward Stoddard

Neil Cullen                                     Wendland Stoddard

Richard Elliott                                 Ronald Stefinick/army

Robert Elliott                                  Gaylord Ennis/Army

Orlo Elliott                                      Morey Lampson/Air Force

Chester Palmer                               Thomas Kelly/Army

Wayne Kelly                                    David  Synder

Gene  Kelly                                      Gordon Ellis

John Ellis                                         Curtis Moore

These men to be added to WW II     and   WWI

 Carmon Lyons                       Herbert  Wagner                                  Gleason Sheldon

Walter Francis                        Howard Valentine

Paul Gross                               Leslie  Pease

Victor Gross                             Robert Emke

Philip Gross                            Thomas Kelly                      

Harold Milliman                        Fred Winship

John Jennell                             

Vincent Payne

Lloyd Schulta

Evelyn Waite



The G.A.R. “The Grand Army of the Republic.” Number 310,was organized November 11, 1882.with 25 members.  This post was named the Fancher Post in honor of Captain Wm Fancher of Co. K 64th N.Y. Volunteers.

  A well- remembered event of the G.A. R. post Number 310  was a  reunion of the 64th Regiment N.Y. Volunteers held in Leon  between 1895-1898.

  It is well remember the G.A.R. Post number 310 represented the one-hundred and nineteen men enlisted from Leon in the Civil War.  The largest number of its size in the state.

  In October 15, 1890 the W.R.C, #156 was organized..  The organization was planned to assist widows and orphans of Veterans, For many years Corp #156 sent at Christmas time, a barrel of Vegetables, Fruit, jams, jellies to assist in their care. In 1891, the W.R.C in co junction with the G.A.R took part in Memorial Day services for the first time.  A long time resident of Leon who was chosen by the State & National Offices who toke over the Women’s Relief Corp. was Elna Beckman.     The first Honor roll sign was in 1943 on the lawn of Guy and Inez Hill  and now owned by Carmon Lyons(son-in-law) .  I’m now sure when they stopped reading it.   The Historical Society   had a new board make up about 4 years ago and started reading the roll call for WWI and WWII this years we are adding Korean and Vietnam and men who served.




Pioneer’s  who served in  Wars.


1. Robert Durfee located on lot 49; he was Soldier of the War of 1812.           Died in 1859 and buried in Old Cemetery on lot 49.

      Married Polly Cheney sister of Thomas  Cheney.  First child Edwin C-1819.held several positions in Town. Justice of Peace.  Edwin died in 1910.     (p.34)

2. James Franklin came from Danbury, Conn. Soldier of the Revolution,

    And a pensioner/died in 1842.    (p.35)

3. Elisha Freeman came in 1822 and located on lot 42, he was a Soldier in the Revolution and served in Washington’s army, died in 1849 and buried in Old Cemetery on lot 49.    (p. 35-36)

4. Xury Bladgett came in 1820 located on the North side of lot 49.  He was a Soldier in the war of 1812. A grandson Melzer Damon living in  Cherry Creek.  Also Bertha Kellogg Smith and Sister Alice Kelley.   (p.36)

5. Simson Harmon first to settle Riga Rd. was a Soldier in the war of 1812, war at burning of Buffalo, came here in 1814.  Born 1787, died in 1841.

     3 children Hiram, Ira, and David.  Entire life in Leon and are in Treat Memorial.    (p.49)

In the year 1830 population 1000.   The first hamlet was known as the “Hollow”   first saw mill built on banks of Butternut Creek, north of the present grist mill.  Mill was built by Johnson Hoyes.  A tavern built by 6. Amasa Green came here in 1820 and lived for some time with Abner Wise.

6. John Everts another Soldier of the war of 1812, that sleeps in the cemetery with no stone to mark his resting place..  He was a pensioner and received a bounty, and for many years lived on the side hill just to the north of the old mill, the house and other buildings having long ago passed out of the picture. Mr. Everts was the maker of about all the coffins that encase the remains of those who passed away in the locality.   (p. 51)

7.  Samuel Shannon was a pensioner of the Revolution, died at the age of 75, buried in the Treat Memorial Cemetery.

8.  Edgar Shannon, veteran of the Civil war.  Was a member of the Assembly Districts, the Supervisor of the Township?    (p.66)

8.  Henry Trumbull was born in township, Son of Jonathan Trumbull:  Veteran of the Revolution came here in 1830.  Buried in the Treat.      (p. 67)




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