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Welcome to the Leon Historical Society


History of the fire hall

In 1958 the schoolhouse property was purchased by the department, located on Leon New Albion Rd, where the present fire hall/ community building is located.

In 1973 the schoolhouse was torn down and trees were cleared for construction of the present community building/ fire hall. With fireman, towns people, and Amish working together.

Today they have a new hall built in 1975 which includes a three-bay area for the vehicles’, a storage room, utility room, kitchen, meeting room, office and rest rooms plus the radio room. The hall is rented to the community for weddings, receptions, meetings, parties, etc. The fireman has had many money making functions. This building has been a great improvement to the town.

In 2020 the fire hall/ community building had some remodeling done which included a update on the bathrooms, new heating system, kitchen was redone, and the meeting room was stripped and polished.


Despite the uncertainty brought on by Covid19 The Leon Historical Society will continue to reach out and try to help the community and others learn about local history.

You can help the Society and reduce you taxes by taking advantage of a tax provision in the CARES Act. If you take the standard deduction on your 2020 tax return you can contribute up to $300 ($600 for married couples) to a charitable organization like Leon Historical Society and add that amount to this deduction. This will reduce your Adjusted Gross Income, consequently reducing your taxable income and your taxes.

Check with your tax advisor or the IRS ( or 1 800 829 1040) and


Checks payable to the Leon Historical Society

Send to 

Tina Scherman 


Leon Historical Society

7111 West Road

Conewango Valley, NY 14726


Be sure to include your return address





NOTICE: While we remain closed to the public, a General Business Meeting is scheduled for September 28, 2020 at 6:00 PM at the Church.  An Election of Officers and Trustees with nominations from the floor will take place.  Everyone is expected to follow all NYSDOH guidelines for health and safety such as masks and social distancing.

All Members Please plan to attend.


Hello Hello!
We have a plan!  Covid-19 really threw us a curve ball.  I guess everyone got that curve ball!  Anyway…
We have decided to try something completely new and different.  Lawn (or parking lot) quilting…outside!
We can easily maintain our ‘Social Distance’ and enjoy a day of quilting.  The plan is to meet at the Leon Fire Hall and enjoy our donuts and coffee, then quilt outside.  This way we have beautiful new bathroom facilities at the Fire Hall and we can properly maintain distance, especially being outside.  Checkin will involve the usual drill as anywhere else during these times and masks will be required if and when we are 6’ or less from others. 

The order of projects has changed as Sunflowers just sounded good to start us off during this crazy time.  And it is already sunflower time!
Please give us a call and come join us on this adventure.
Pat Bromley 296-5709  and  Myra Johnston 257-5272
Hope to see you soon!


Leon: A Century of Progress: $15 Each  LIMITED  ADDITION

Penny Royal Racetrack Books $15 each there are two different volumes.

The Civil War Letters of Edward W. Clark    or    The Love Letters of a Union Soldier
 $8.00 each or both for $15.00

Private Tours Available!

Take a trip back in time with a visit through the Older Amish Community. The live without all the modern conveniences such as electricity, telephones, and cars. Their lifestyle separates them from the modern world. The emphasize on humility, faith, and family, honest and hard work. They recognized by their plain dresses and travel by horse and buggy.

Amish produce a variety of goods that include Quilts, Rugs, Bake Goods, Candy, Toys, Wood and Iron Crafts, Furniture, Eggs, Fruits and Vegetables. They sell their products from their homes, they have signs in their yards letting people know what they are selling. Amish have a unique way of life which we respect, while on the tour we request that you are thoughtful and courteous of their ways.

Come join a tour where one of our guides will join you in your vehicle and give you a two(2) hour tour around the back roads and show you the great shops around the area. We will make several stops along the way where you can shop and we will share stories of the fascinating history of the area.

Tours are by reservation only. 
Tours Start: 
Call to reserve your time and Date.... Tours are available year round.

 Pat Bromley (716)296-5709 (Leon Town Historian)
 Fred Milliman (716)358-3236 (Curator)

             For a private tour or genealogy information

Cost: $50.00 per vehicle up to six (6) people with an additional $5.00 per person. 

Please remember that Amish shops are closed on Sundays, holidays and also for weddings and funerals. Amish accept Cash or Checks, NO CREDIT CARDS! It is against their beliefs to be photographed; we ask that you respect their wishes.

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